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  • Coach's Eye: An App Review
    Checking Body Alignment With Coach's Eye

    Coaches take note! If you aren't using Coach's Eye in your practices you are missing out on one of the best ways to troubleshoot and perfect skills.

    Coach's Eye, an application for smartphones and tablets, allows you to video your athletes, slow down the video, identify good and bad technique, and make notations on the video for reviewing with your athletes-- making it an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes alike.


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  • Sunday Skills: The Straight-Up Extension
    Straight-Up Extension

    This Sunday, we are learning the Straight-Up Extension! This stunt is legal in high school and at USASF Level 2, but should only be attempted by teams who have mastered preps, cradles, and press-up extensions. The Straight-Up extension is a visually pleasing skill to add into your routines, thanks to its height.


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  • Chatting With Shanika Caudle
    Shanika & Friends

    Behind every successful program is at least one coach with the heart and drive to make a difference in the lives of their athletes. In the case of FAME All Stars, there are many coaches who fit that description. I asked Phil Logan to recommend a coach I could profile who goes above and beyond for FAME. He knew just the coach...


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Cheer 4 All - All About Cheerleading
Unique Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas For You PDF Print E-mail

Submitted by:  Jessi McCafferty

If you are worried because your lack of contacts is posing a hindrance to your fundraising programs, it is time you gave Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas a thought. The cheerleaders can become the face of your school since they are vibrant, confident, and can provide you with the right contacts. Now, it entirely depends upon your management skills as to how far you can utilize these powerhouses of talent. The following fundraising ideas will give you an idea about how to be different and profitable at the same time:

Attributes of Right Uniforms for Cheerleaders PDF Print E-mail

Submitted by: Marc Levack

Uniforms are always of great concern for every cheerleader or cheerleading team. Every team wants to look most attractive and easily identifiable even in crowd of several cheerleading teams. Same thing happens with individual cheerleaders of different teams. Each of them wants to be more and more attractive and eye catching than their team mates.
Internet Makes Cheerleading Music A New Specialty PDF Print E-mail
Submitted by: Jon Bennett
All across America cheerleading squads are competing at schools and colleges to see who can make the biggest splash in the most unique, original and expressive way. An essential part of cheerleading is the music that accompanies each and every. As anyone who has encountered cheerleading competitions knows, the music can make or break the performance.
How to Purchase Cheer Bows Online PDF Print E-mail

Submitted by: Ales Oms

Cheer bows are a very important component of a cheerleader's costume. It creates a completely different looks for the cheerleaders wearing it. This is not only a helpful element of their costume, but it also represents unique fashion sense and uniqueness about their appearance on the ground while performing their dances and other cheerleading activities.
Keeping Your Squad Happy: How to Control Team Conflict PDF Print E-mail
Submitted by:  Jen Wasilewski
Even the closest cheerleading squads have their problems. Working with a group of girls can often result in miscommunication and tension. Not every situation needs to turn into a major conflict and with these great tips, you can cut down on the "drama" and take control of issues before they become problems.